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Too Tall, aka the founder of this site and charitable organization, is by trade a web marketing entreprenuer and currently owns a web development and design company in KCMO which specializes in the industrial manufacturing industry. As the original partners in the business stood on core Christian values, they cherished the ability to give a strong percentage of revenues to local non-profict charities.
One of Too Tall's life changing obstacles and events was being stuck in a detention center after becoming incarcerated due to a fantastic, unbelieveable turn of events. During this incarcerated period, Too Tall found himself analyzing the status of others. It seemed wrong that many inmates were recidivism vitims due to not having viable resources available to them which would help them succeed outside the prison walls. Too Tall, blessed by a core family structure and solid financial sustainability, wondered what could be done to help those without such to leap over this gap of uncertainty.
Too Tall decided to create a "gap" program--which would enable those behind bars to successfully bridge the divide between incarceration and civil life. This program would utilize his company's web development core, which has a demand for artwork to be converted to online web design, by recruiting residential inmate artists typically focusing their time and abilities on tattoo art. By transforming those skills into tangible pieces of artwork design elements that his company, clients, and/or others could utilize in their service offerings, an opportunity for these inmates to pursue new career pathways was created--giving them the ability to leap over the gap and reducing the rate of recidivism. These felon artists now have the ability to work for his and/or other companies, using their design skills. 
In addition, many other pieces of art, including: custom art designs and portraits, paintings, rings, necklaces, jewelry, sculptures, and personal accessory items, such as custom leather goods, belts, purses, etc., are now viable ways by which inmates can improve themselves and receive compensation. Many of these items are now offered via this website. 
The intention of this site is to show that simple drawings can be transformed into clean and professional vectorized graphics, and showcase these offerings to a larger public audience. 100% of the design elements on this site were manufactured/created by an incarcerated inmate artist. Even though Too Tall had to sacrifice many traded honeybuns in the process (as payment), he, his organization, and family are happy to share this site and evolving project with you. 
Future next step plans center around real estate rehabilition programs inteded to  give inmates safe housing enviornments for short to mid term periods after release, and partnering with local rehabilition programs to sustain quality of life. Stay tuned for more, as we continue Too Tall's vision of ending recividism and promoting individuals with pasts to greater futures. To join with us, please email info@jailhouseart.com


11 Feb

Hobby Craft Artwork from Prison

Prison artists have the availability to explore their creative energies w

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