Hobby Craft Artwork from Prison

Feb 11 2019

Prison artists have the availability to explore their creative energies with Hobby Craft programs.  Hobby Craft departments are typically composed of a few different departments based on the institutions availability.  These departments include:  leather, Crochet, Ceramics, Water Color Painting, Oil Painting, Hand Made Potter, Cross Stiching, Drawing, Colored Pencil, Chalk & Pastel work, etc.  

Hobby Craft Artwork from prison and how this artwork is shared with the public is solely dependant on the particular institutions regulations with how the inmate is allowed to mail-out their work.  At times, more liberal institutions allow inmates to simply walk their products down to the mailroom and pay out-of-pocket to mail their artwork out to friends and families.  More conservative prisons constrain inmates to mailing out their art pieces through the hobbycraft program, typically through a hobby craft assigned directory (CO) and could also be required/limited to only send their artwork to individuals that are pre-approved on their visitor list.  

Based on these regulations with mail-outs.  It is always a critical key to success that the inmate has a friend or family member on the outside to assist them with getting their prison artwork noticed on the outside.  That is where "Jail House Art" comes in to play.  We are trying our best to help this amazing art revolution to grow into the free world.

When prison artists are constrained bars, their mindsets can grown into deep depression and the walls will seemingly be a deterent to a free mind.  Hobby Craft programs are one of the best ways for inmates to seemingly connect with the outside through their creative form of expression  Whichever department or craft the artists is engaged in, jail house art intends to do all it can to assist getting these wonderful pieces of hobby craft artwork from prison to the public.

The jail house art team hopes you stay tuned as we evolve into the future.  Our primary goal is to help these prison artists share their magical works ar of art with the public.


11 Feb

Hobby Craft Artwork from Prison

Prison artists have the availability to explore their creative energies w

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